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Making a .tex-file (Dutch translation of manual)


Thanks, Kevin and John, for your reaction. On Launchpad I have corrected all the mistakes I could find (all "!" in the log file, and steps 1 - 3 of the checklist "translationtodo"). Step 6, the screenshots, will be handled by one of my fellow translators.

Step 7: A static copy of the translated manual is created: make ubuntu-manual-LANG.tex.
Step 8: Add the ubuntu-manual-LANG.tex file to the lucid-e1 bzr repository.
Step 9: only after steps 7 and 8 have been done.
I am in the middle of installing Tex Live 2009. I hope I will have enough disk space for the huge number of files that need to be installed. If I succeed in installing it, I will try to make the .tex file. If not, I will ask one of you to do it for me.

Step 10:
Translate the following strings and email them to the mailing list or Kevin:
    a. "applications" -- used in the index entry    nl: "toepassingen"
b. "command-line applications" -- used in index entry nl: "opdrachtregeltoepassingen"
    c. "Revision number" -- used on copyright page    nl: "Revisienummer"
    d. "Revision date" -- used on copyright page    nl: "Revisiedatum"
e. The word "Colophon" and the colophon text (ask Kevin for this, as it varies by which fonts are used in your translation) nl: "colofon"
    f. The copyright page text (ask Kevin for this)
g. An introduction to the license appendix. (The license itself will be in English, but we can include a short preamble in your language.)
    h. "i.e." -- used with the \ie command    nl: "d.w.z."
    i. "e.g." -- used with the \eg command    nl: "bijv."
j. the \dash command (use an em dash set tight or an en dash with space?) nl: like in the English text. k. 'Title page' (which refers to the title page containing the title, author, and icons/logo stuff)
    l. "Creative Commons notice"

Step 11:
Kevin said, "Luke told me, 'You rock!' " (On my keyboard: AltGr+9, AltGr+0, AltGr+Shift+[, AltGr+Shift+]).

Step 23:
Translate the following list of keywords: Ubuntu Manual, Ubuntu, user guide, handbook,lucid, _lynx_, 10.04, lucid lynx, help, documentation,book, pdf, ebook, free, open source nl: Ubuntu-handleiding, Ubuntu, gebruikershandleiding, handboek, lucid, _lynx_, 10.04, lucid lynx, hulp, documentatie, boek, pdf, ebook, vrij, opensource