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Re: Releasing manuals less often, ditching translations


Hi all,

I will be honest -- I haven't contributed ANYTHING yet. This is
entirely because I haven't had the chance to sit down and fiddle with
LaTeX and didn't know what to work on even if I did.

There was an idea that Benjamin had mentioned, ages ago, about an
integrated website where a user could click on a paragraph and be able
to "edit" it. I'd assume this would be more a submission of an edit
suggestion which would then be sent to a reviewer.

If there were a different way to edit the text, before putting it into
LaTeX for the publishing, that would probably make everything A LOT
easier. Perhaps using that site that you were using for shared meeting

If people were willing to take on specific roles, like one person is
in charge of writing about one chapter, another in charge of writing
another chapter, then some different people are in charge of checking
that the content is correct, another for style-editing those chapters
for style consistency. Then once the content is written, someone else
is in charge of doing the screenshots and another person is in charge
of doing the LaTeX markup of the text... you get the idea. A central
editor who's in charge of only keeping track of who is doing what and
keeping an eye on scheduling would make it go a lot more smoothly.
Really, it's just organisation, and making it easy for that initial
writing and editing to happen, then having a couple people just
focussing on making the LaTeX work after all the content is done.

Does that sound possible?

(synergetic on #freenode)

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