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Re: Stepping down as leader of the project


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Hi Ben,
	Sad to see you step down. Since 'stepping down as leader' and 'leaving
the team' are separate things, it would be very helpful if you continue
to contribute to the project.
Good luck in the future ahead!

Bilal Akhtar

On 11/27/2010 04:36 AM, Benjamin Humphrey wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Over the past few months you may have noticed that I have been rather
> absent from my duties as the project leader. Unfortunately due to a
> lot of things cropping up I just haven't been able to give this
> project as much time as it deserves, and I'd rather step down as the
> leader and assume a more casual role than pretend to occupy a position
> with responsibilities I cannot fulfill.
> It's very painful having to write this message only a year after I
> founded the project, especially considering the amazing progress we
> have made in such a short time and the good people I have met and
> worked with. It is even harder having to do so when many predicted the
> team wouldn't last long. Unfortunately my priorities have changed a
> lot since the start of this year and I no longer have the time
> required to lead the project properly.
> I hope that this doesn't adversely affect the team but rather breaks
> through a wall that we have been stuck behind since June. The best
> possible outcome would be for a new leader to take the reigns, with
> proper motivation, fresh ideas and enough time to control the project
> towards more of the same success we have had in the past.
>>From our statistics it appears that people want a manual, even if we
> need to refine our distribution method and content a little to suit
> the changing needs of the user. The need for a proper replacement to
> help.ubuntu.com certainly still exists and I think USLC is still the
> best candidate; I believe if there is any team that would be able to
> make it a reality it would be this team.
> Of course I will remain involved with the project and do what I can in
> my role as a writer for OMG! Ubuntu! to help bring new people to the
> team and keep it running. I'm also happy to continue helping Adnane
> with the website design if I have any time available.
> It has been a fantastic experience working with everyone, and I have
> learnt a lot. I hope that we can continue to collaborate on many
> projects in the future!
> Kind Regards,

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