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Re: need proper updated doc..


On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 6:36 PM, Chris Woollard <cwoollard@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As this branch is still being worked on, the translations from rosetta
> (launchpad) have not been merged into the branch yet.
I requested a download of all po from the launchpad. Got a link for all po

After downloading & extracting, I found all possible languages with name:

I renamed a few like French's ubuntu-manual-fr.po to fr.po and issued
command, make ubuntu-manual-fr.pdf

bzr version-info --custom --template="\\\revinfo{{revno}}{{date}}" >
po4a-translate --master-charset=utf8 -f latex -m main.tex -p po/fr.po -l
ubuntu-manual-fr.tex -k 0
               :109: (po4a::tex)
               unknown environment: 'translatorcredits'
make: *** [ubuntu-manual-fr.tex] Error 9

> So you will not be able to make anything other than the base english
> language at the moment,
> You should be able to do this simply by typing "make". It should generate a
> file called main.pdf
I will give feedback after trying.

with regards,