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Get involved pages


Hello all,

Patrick Dickey and I have been working on Get involved pages and more
specifically at the "Getting started as an Author or Editor" section.
Our main goal is to make the process even easier and also add some
paragraphs regarding the job of an author and how he/she does it. Patrick
wrote a script that automates the process of getting a branch and installing
Tex Live and we are proposing Ground Control as a tool to contribute to the
project, instead of command line that may be a deterrent factor for someone.

Here [1] you can find the content of the "Getting started as an Author or
Editor" section but it isn't completely finished -there are some minor
things to be written-. If anyone wants to edit the document, they can send
me an e-mail about it. We are also planning to record some videos that
contain all the instructions of the page but I can't say for sure when they
will be available since they need some time, if you are interested in this
send me an e-mail (I have some sketchy videos).

Any recommendations, reconstructive critics and ideas are welcomed !


Thank you for your time