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Manual: fuzzies, on/offline and translator credits


Thanks to all the reactions in the thread "Not happy at all", which I started in December, I can give you an update on what I have done. After merging manual-lucid and manual-maverick with the command 'msgmerge', the result is a new po-file with all the old translations in it, contrary to manual-maverick in Launchpad which lacks more than 400 translated paragraphs. I cannot upload this new po-file to Launchpad because then all the fuzzies are missing.
So the only options are:
1. copy all the fuzzies from the po-file to manual-maverick in Launcpad. This is a very time-consuming job and on top of that the name of the original translator is substituted by the name of the person who copies the paragraphs. This is hardly fair to the original translator. 2. finish the manual-maverick po-file offline in a CAT. This would be much faster, but I am afraid that it will become a mess when this file is later uploaded to Launchpad. Besides, working offline can only be done by one person. And here we have the same problem, the names of the original translators are lost. Perhaps there is someone who can come up with a brilliant idea to solve this. I am particularly interested in how the German and Greek translation teams have tackled this.

I also experimented, with the help of Ask, with the commands podiff, wdiff and cdiff. These are useful to find out which version is the right one. Example: I had about 4 versions of manual-Lucid, with slight differences. With wdiff/cdiff it was made easy to find which was the right one.

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