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Re: New frenchy



I'm glad that you want to participate to project. Well the only available
edition of the manual that is available is the the "Getting Started with
Ubunu 10.04". You may see and the maverick release available for translation
but you shouldn't work on it. Two reasons for this:
1) the translation of an edition of the manual should start when the authors
of the book stop writing material for the edition so as there are final
strings for translation. Also, if you are translating strings of an edition
that the team is working on the loss of translations is almost certain since
the authors are adding new content which means for the translation platform,
completely new string.
2) (personal opinion) i don't think maverick's edition will be published
anytime, so wait for 11.04 or start with 10.04 if you want.

I know this may not sound very nice but this is how the things are at the
moment. Of course with the help of everyone we can move on ;).

Thanks for your time