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Re: Problem to get screenshot


Hi Andre,

i guess you 've got the newest quickshot version installed to your local
system. So there must be a quickshot user, this user is created when you
open quickshot for the first time (you add the password).

So here are the configurations for capturing screenshots for 10.10 release:

   1.  Download this http://flan.uguu.ca:5000/ump/10-10/[ump]10-10.qsproj E.g
   open a terminal: wget
   2. Log in as quickshot and open quickshot, accept the resolution changes
   if quickshot recommends you to do so.
   3. Go to Edit > User Credit and fill in all the boxes
   4. Local file (.qsproj) > (open the file that you downloaded)
   5. Get started !

Cheers !

c7p @ freenode

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