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By Way of Introduction


Hi all,

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the this team
who recently selected me to fill the position of Editor in Chief for the
Ubuntu Manual project and to introduce myself to the rest of you who may
not have participated in the selection process.

My name is Rick Fosburgh. I am currently an AT&T employee responsible
for providing data analysis to one of our Global Service Assurance
organizations.  I have worked for AT&T, or one of the lessor known Bell
Operating Companies for twenty-five years.  I began my career as a C
programming developer.  And during my tenure, I developed application
software and associated documentation in a UNIX server environment.  In
those early years, I happily stumbled upon and worked with various PC
UNIX platforms including: an early SCO UNIX, Red Hat, and most recently,

I was intrigued to read of the opportunity and I am excited to join the
Ubuntu Manual team as editor in chief and look forward to working with
you to build on your successful publications.  

To that end, I'd like to hear from you on what you believe made the
Ubuntu Manual a successful effort so far.

What has worked?  What hasn't?  Is there a certain level of support past
editors have provided to you that were particularly helpful?  If so, I
want to continue to provide that type of support where ever possible.

And, I need some information from you.  One of my duties is to maintain
the list of credits: Chapter Authors, Chapter editors, translators,
designers, etc.  You know who you are!  Pass me an email so I can get
your insight, or at least ensure that I know who to reach out to for
input on how to proceed at a critical moment.  And, if there is an area
you've wanted to explore, by all means, let me know.

Please reply with your:
        past responsibilities on the Ubuntu Manual project, 
        current activity, 
        and future interest.  
        Feel free to provide any contact information you think I might
        need.  I won't share it without your express consent.

Finally, while I have been an avid Ubuntu user,  I am relatively new to
the Ubuntu team contributing experience. I do know there's a wealth of
information out there. I'm sure there are questions I may not even know
to ask. So please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.


        Rick Fosburgh
        launchpad id: rickfosb
        nick: rickfosb
        Cell: 832 693 0158


Maintain the list of credits (authors, editors, translators,
designers, etc.).
Rick Fosburgh <rickfosb@xxxxxxxxx>

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