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[Ubuntu Manual] June Meeting #1 Minutes


Minutes of the General Meeting of the Ubuntu Manual Team

Date of meeting: 11 June 2011

Location: #ubuntu-manual on irc.freenode.net

Meeting logs:

*godbyk (chair)
*c7p (minutes)

Kevin Godby called the meeting to order at 20:07 UTC.

*Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10 update

The "Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10" has been released, congratulations
to everyone who have
contributed. Kevin faced some issues with lulu printers but hopefully he
dealt with them successfully.
So in the future, we need to remove the alpha channel from the screenshot

*Status updates for the natty manual

Kevin created a new natty bzr repository and you are welcome to start
modifying the code there. Also, he
renamed some of the directories to reflect the actual chapter titles and
moved a few things around.
The preface is now in the frontmatter/ directory and the credits are in the
backmatter/ directory.

Some chapters of the manual don't demand a lot of new material, but there
are chapters like the
Desktop etc. that require a lot of new material and modifications.
The new link of the spreadsheet where the progress of every chapter is
tracked is http://bit.ly/leV03I, authors
and editors can edit it.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:44 UTC.

c7p @ freenode