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Re: CommodoreUSA Using "Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10"?


Hi Kevin,

> I looked at that section of the video frame by frame and based on the
> revision date on the copyright page, it looks like it's the PDF from
> our website.
> It also appears that they may have cropped the page size a bit.  I'm
> not sure if the material in the margins (side notes and captions) are
> still there.  He flipped through the book too quickly and the frames
> were blurred too much to tell for sure.

I think that's why I couldn't initially determine whether that was
indeed our manual.  Nice detective work, Kevin.

> If the C64 project would like a copy of our manual typeset on a
> different page size, I'd be happy to provide it.

Should we reach out to them and offer to work with them on this?  I
don't mind doing so, if the rest of the team agrees.


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