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August Meeting Date and Time selected



The polling is complete: Our next* Ubuntu Manual Team* meeting will be *Sunday
August 7, 2011 19:00 Hours UTC*
* *http://doodle.com/zi4krnkz2gg8uw6m

*Time Calculator for your time zone can be found here*:

If you can help, feel free to contact me rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or attend
the next meeting. All are welcome!
The July Meeting Agenda is here:
org/3WfNyRf9Lg <http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/3WfNyRf9Lg>
August Status and Update is here: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/XhoKchaVXK

We are fast approaching a *major* milestone:*M4 -- content freeze (copy
editing/screen shots done) (week 13) 8/20/2011*

As sections finish, we are re assigning authors and editors to help out on
sections that have not made progress. There is much work to do.  In our
previous meeting, we agreed to advance our next meeting dates in order to
review status on unfinished sections in order to try to catch up.

And, as always, we will meet via *freenode at #ubuntu-manual*
I'm looking forward to getting with the team.  See you soon.



Hope to see you there!