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Re: The Dash (description and screenshot)


I guess the Dash should be described comprehensively in the very first
section of the chapter "Understanding the Desktop", and simply mentioned in
your section ("Browsing files on your computer"). So to clear it a bit, my
complete *proposal* regarding the sections of the chapter is:

*Ubuntu Desktop*

   - [NEW]Prologue: Saying that Ubuntu's default GUI is Unity. If users have
   problems with Unity they should check troubleshooting section.
   - Understanding the Desktop: Describe the top panel, Dash, Launcher in
   full detail -i have written about Launcher, so Launcher [DONE]-.
   - Managing windows
   - Switching between open windows
   - Applications (previous "Using the Applications menu"): This section
   will describe the "Applications" menu of the Launcher, which somehow
   replaced the Applications menu.
   - Browsing files on your computer
   - Nautilus file browser ("Searching for files on your computer" section
   should be become a subsection of this section since it talks about Nautilus)
   - Customizing your desktop: (subsections "Panels", "Workspaces",
   "applets" should be deleted as they aren't customizable anymore (right ?).)
   - Accessibility
   - Managing your computer (this section tittle predisposes me toward to
   hardware management. We have to rename it. "Using the power button" ?)
   - Getting help

What do you think ? Of course this "plan" is always open.

Enjoy the rest of the day ! See you at meeting :)