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Re: [Ubuntu Manual] Ubuntu Desktop chapter needs you !


On 05/20/2012 02:24 PM, Tony Pursell wrote:

On 20 May 2012 11:20, c7p <c7p.admin@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:c7p.admin@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hello there !

    The Ubuntu Desktop section needs your help ! This part of the
    chapter covers the basics of the Ubuntu Desktop environment (Login
    screen, Unity, Launcher, Dash, windows, workspaces, HUD).

    We need an author for this section cause it's one of the most
    critical sections of the manual, maybe the most important. Are you
    interested ?

    Even if an author appear or not it would be good to have some
    people to review the section, find what's good and what's not.
    Also suggestions on how to improve the the section or the chapter
    as a whole would be beneficial too. So if you don't have the time
    to write the section, but you have a little time to spare on the
    chapter you may review it, make suggestions etc as i mentioned before.

    Finally if nobody turn up, i'll maintain the chapter but the
    reviews and suggestions are necessary for me -i don't have much
    free time so every second hand would be helpful- !

    @Kevin: Could you upload the final 11.10 pdf on crocodocs so
    people can review and make suggestions on Ubuntu Desktop section ?
    @Saytan: You can write the HUD section if you want, contact me if
    you need more info

    Thank you for your time, have a great week !


Hi John

I did volunteer to review this part of the manual in last night's meeting. I have already had a look at the first few pages. But I need to get a plain vanilla 12.04 up and running in VB to check things out (for instance, I don't think a simple install will have a Keyboard Indicator). Let me know if you want me to continue with this, and, if you do, how much of the Desktop chapter you want me to be editor for.

(TonyP on IRC, ajpursell on Launchpad)

Yap i remember that you volunteered last night, but i didn't have your e-mail.

Hannie knows more about the proofread in general, the part of the manual that needs you most is from the start of the chapter till the start of the nautilus section. Do this for start and if you have more time continue with the rest of the chapter, but contact Hannie first.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time!