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Chapter 2 edits


I've finished the first pass through all of Chapter 2.

   - All major edits have been done (probably will continue to find little
   niggles in the days ahead that will need correcting).
   - All references to Unity have the /application tag
   - All references to the Dash and the Launcher have the /menu tag
   - Still need to do missing screenshots (hope to get this done this


   1. Should we tagging "lenses" as applications or menus? I think they are
   a menu pick (graphic instead of a word).
   2. What is the decision on the end portion of chapter 2?  Looks like
   Hannie expressed some concern about the 'customizations' section--about it
   needing to be moved to the Gnome Classic section?  Has this been done?  Or
   are we going to leave it here? (if it stays, it's going to need a rewrite)

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