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Revision 41 not good


After I pulled the last revision 41 from Launchpad, I cannot generate the pdf file anymore. There are several runaway agument error messages, one is in hardware/sound, the other one I cannot find (the log does not mention the section). This error message means that there is a lacking "}".
Runaway argument?
! File ended while scanning use of \@@BOOKMARK.
<inserted text>
l.14 \begin{document}

In sound.tex I see this:
You can disable the existing sound theme or configure it with the options avail$

The sentence ends with "$" and every paragraph that follows is in blue letters.
I will try to fix it and check if this is the culprit.

I would like to ask all of you who push to Launchpad to please first check your changes by generating the pdf file on your pc. Only push the changes when there are no serious errors. If you do not want to install TeX Live, no problem. Just send your changed .tex file to one of the team members who has it installed and they will correct and push it for you.