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Re: Malaysian version precise-e2


Hello Susah,
You find the screenshot instructions in our style guide: files.ubuntu-manual.org/style-guide.pdf (chapter 5). To "activate" the ms language, you have to move it to the top of the list, like Daniel explained. I have done this in my 12.04 version and everything is in your language (In Nautilus I see: Rumah, Gambar, Umum etc.). In the window Sokongan Bahasa, tab Bahasa (language) the first item in my list is Bahasa Melayu. If you want to use it for the whole system I think you have to choose Lakasanakan Keseluruhan-Sistem. Apart from this, you should also install the ms language pack. Start Synaptic (or install this first if you haven't yet) and install language-pack-ms. When done, all the applications you use will have menus etc. in your language.
If this is ok, you can take your localized screenshots.
If you still have questions, just send them to this list.

Op 17-12-12 13:57, Susah Sebut schreef:
Guys, can you give me any links regarding screen shots guideline for ubuntu manual.While doing the proofreading I notice that the translated items should be the same as the screen shot attached as to not confusing the reader. What I'm serching exactly is the info about the screen shot - do i need to use ms version of ubuntu for the screen shot or i could use english version of ubuntu.

I've tried installing ms language in my 12.04, but i couldn't activate it. http://i.imgur.com/ui3KE.png that means i can't take screenshot of ubuntu apps etc using ms. so i think for any english words that is visible in screenshot (such as continue button, install button, home folder, install Now button in the Install screenshot etc) should stay in english.

what do you guys think?