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Getting Started with 12.10 print edition available again


Hello, everyone.

The print edition of Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10 is once again
available via <http://ubuntu-manual.org/buy/gswu1210/en_US>.

Lulu.com's printers were having problems printing our manual and
though we worked with their technical support team, we were unable to
determine the cause of the problem and resolve it.

I uploaded a copy of our manual to CreateSpace.com for publication.
The proof copy printed okay for me, so I've released it for public
purchase.  The quality of the printed manual through CreateSpace.com
is similar to that of Lulu.com.

There are a couple additional benefits of using CreateSpace.com:  (1)
we can sell the manual at cheaper rates, and (2) our manual will be
available for purchase through amazon.com and European Amazon sites
including amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, and
amazon.es.  (It will take a few days for our manual to appear on the
Amazon sites.)

If you order a printed copy of our manual and encounter any problems
with it (print quality, etc.), please let me know.

I'm finishing up work on a few translated editions and plan to publish
those soon as well, so stay tuned!


--Kevin Godby

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