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 Plans for Getting Started with Ubuntu 13.04

   Important Ubuntu 13.04 milestones

 * 7 March -- Feature freeze
 * 21 March -- UI freeze
 * 4 April -- Documentation string freeze
 * 25 April -- Ubuntu 13.04 released

   Proposed release schedule for Getting Started with Ubuntu 13.04

Authoring phase (now -- 25 Mar):

 * Authors update and write new content
 * Draft screenshots are put in place
 * First draft is released at the end of this phase

Editing phase (25 Mar -- 8 Apr):

 * Editors copy-edit and proofread the content
 * Second draft is released at the end of this phase

Indexing phase (8 Apr -- 15 Apr):

 * Final screenshots are put in place
 * The manual is indexed
 * Glossary entries are edited and linked
 * Public draft is released at the end of this phase

Public comments phase (15 Apr -- 22 Apr):

 * Comments and edits from the public are received and incorporated
   into the manual
 * Final draft is released at the end of this phase

Release phase (22 Apr -- 25 Apr):

 * The manual is prepared for release
 * The manual is released at the end of this phase

New Icons for Ubuntu Software Center, Nautilus, Software Updater , *some launcher icons like the BFB icon* (the Launcher icon that's used to open Dash), *or the workspace switcher* (the new icon should change depending on which workspace is currently being utilised).

The new Ubuntu 13.04 wallpaper which is just a slightly modified version of the previous default wallpaper. The new wallpaper / icons have not landed in Ubuntu 13.04 yet and are subject to change.

The same update has brought refreshed Launcher tile assets and the removal of the 32px minimum Launcher icon size limit.

Some new options were added in /System Settings > Appearance > Behaviour/ tab: "Add show desktop icon to the launcher" and "Enable workspaces".

And some older changes include:


   Bigger, chameleonic overlay shortcuts (the shortcut hints displayed
   on the Unity launcher icons which show up when holding the Super key);


   Spread improvements such as a selected window outline, better window
   titlebar and also, the Spread now works properly with all window


   Improved Dash Previews design (and the previews are a lot faster now
   by the way);


   The workspace switcher has a new icon which is dynamic, meaning that
   the current active desktop is represented by the workspace switcher


   New lens icons;


   Overlay scrollbars for Dash.

Unity has also received many bug fixes and under-the-hood changes and of course, more improvements are expected until the final release.

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