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Re: Help


Hi Mehmet,

First off, you did fine as far as committing and uploading your changes.
It looks like you opened the office-apps.tex file, but saved it as
LibreOffice. What you can do is open both files, and copy any changes
from the LibreOffice file to the office-apps.tex file. Then save the
office-apps.tex file, and close both. Then delete the LibreOffice file.
Commit those changes with a message indicating what you did, and push
that up to launchpad.  Then everything should be correct.  

No worries though. You didn't mess anything major up. The manual builds.
It's just ignoring the LibreOffice file that you uploaded, and using
whatever is in the office-apps.tex file to build that subsection. 

And as for fixing anything, while any one of us can do it (editors
especially), I think it's better that you do it. Just because you know
what you wanted to do, and we don't. So if you're fixing it, and someone
else fixes it at the same time (or before pulling your changes) or vice
versa, that could cause problems.

Have a great day.:)

On Fri, 2013-03-22 at 23:06 +0000, Mehmet Kani wrote:
> With sheer determination and a click here and a click there I managed
> to upload 3 x files. I don't know what I did but have a terrible
> feeling I have done something wrong. Not sure if the
> corrections/additional information is on there.
> I accept full responsibility for any errors/problems.
> Kind regards
> Mehmet Kani 
> m.kani@xxxxxxx 
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