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Public draft - Monday, April 15


Hello, everyone.

On Monday, April 15, I will release a public draft of our manual to
collect comments and edits from the public.  Please try to complete as
much of your work as you can by then. You can continue to make edits
throughout the week but we will also be incorporate edits suggested by
the public.

I will send another email on Monday when the public draft is available
with instructions on how to make annotations and comments. We'll want
to get as many people involved in the public draft as possible so we
can fix as many bugs as we can during the week.

On Monday, April 22, all work on the manual must be complete. I will
start generating the final draft.  I will publish the final draft on
Thursday, April 25 to coincide with the release of Ubuntu 13.04.

Thanks to our authors and editors for all their hard work!

—Kevin Godby