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Re: Congrats and thanks


Oops. I promised "more below" about the new \status command but failed
to deliver.

The new status command has the following syntax:


where <version> is the Ubuntu version (13.04, 13.10, etc.); <date> is
the ISO 8601 date (e.g., 2013-04-28); and <status> is the status
keyword (e.g., incomplete, draft, outdated, review, final).

We will need to establish our own status keywords and their definitions.

The authors and editors will be responsible for keeping the \status
commands for their sections up to date. You will just modify this code
like you do with any other LaTeX code and commit it to bzr.

I will write a script that reads all the .tex files and extracts the
status information for each chapter/section. This script will then
update a web page with the status information so everyone can see
which sections of the manual have been updated, which still need to be
written, which need to be edited, etc. I will set this script to run
automatically so the status display will always be up to date.

I think this will help us more easily keep track of the status of
various parts of the manual and to more easily assess where we need
more help with authoring and editing.