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Re: Lubuntu Manual Meeting? or some thing


On 12/06/13 17:27, Jonathan Marsden wrote:

On 06/12/2013 08:21 AM, Yorvyk wrote:

Sorry about my absence, a thing popped up that took a little while
to deal with.  Let's see if we can get this thing under way.

Progress so far:

(1) A script exists to get people set up with the tools they need,
it just needs a trivial change to branch "our" bzr branch not the
main ubuntu-manual one.

(2) A bzr branch is now created, but currently empty.  I'll start
populating it with the "infrastructure" files needed in the next few

Thanks for that. It means we're under way.

Do you want a meeting to discuss how you'd like to contribute etc.
or would a discussion on a mailing list do?

Mailing list is fine at the moment.

I see myself as mainly a developer (toolsmith) here, getting things
started out, and probably also some editing work later as time

Until we define our basic document structure (presumably as close to
that of Ubuntu Manual as we can), no-one can state which chapters
they will work on, because there *is* no list of chapters!  So,
specifics of "how you'd like to contribute" are going to be awkward
to specify until we reach the point of having an agreed chapter
list/table of contents.

Agreed. Although a discussion on which chapters from the Ubuntu version can be kept or require minimal edit, if any, could go a head.

What kind of description of "how you'd like to contribute" are you
hoping for from people at this early stage?  Just one of

* Author * Editor * Translator * Programmer * Designer

as defined at http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved ?

Yes, that's what I'm after so we have some idea of what 'staff' we have.

If you'd prefer a meeting, is IRC, Google Hangout, some thing else

If we do need a meeting, we should use IRC.  It is familiar, low
bandwidth, and meetingology exists.




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