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Choosing software tools (was : Re: A wine application for editing tex files. )


On 06/19/2013 04:21 AM, Patrick Dickey wrote:

> In a couple of threads, people were discussing GUI-based editors for
> tex files. If you've got Wine installed, you can install Notepad ++
> and it supports LaTeX highlighting. The only issue you might run into
> is whether it uses the same carriage returns (Unix or DOS) as the
> rest of the manual (but I honestly don't think that's an issue).

Let's not start a big editor war here, but if you are in a
cross-platform environment (which is likely if you have installed wine),
and looking for a good text editor for use with LaTeX files, wouldn't it
make more sense to use emacs24, which is a GUI editor that can run in
Linux or Windows or OS X, handles multiple line ending conventions, and
has all sorts of LaTeX-related capabilities, including highlighting?  It
also "knows about" version control systems, including bzr, so you get
some handy version-control related commands too :)

Once you decide that "easy" text editors like nano and notepad are
insufficient for your text editing needs, I think it makes sense to find
one cross-platform text editor that will meet your needs for a long time
-- so the time investment you make in learning it is repaid, on all
platforms, over the next few years (or decades) :)

I'm a *big* fan of learning tools that are cross-platform and open
source, and learning them *once*.  Then I don't ever need to relearn how
to use an editor, or email, or a web browser, or an image editor, or an
audio recorder, or whatever other tool it might be, just because I move
from one computer to a different one.  Emacs, Thunderbird, Firefox,
GIMP, Audacity... :)