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To all editors (Saucy)


Hi editors,
During our last meeting we discussed the wish to get the editors involved at an earlier stage, so that they can help authors to improve the chapter/section they are working on. Ideally, the author and editor of a chapter/section form a pair, contacting each other on a regular basis to discuss (new) issues. Please have a look at our spreadsheet (1) to see who the author of "your" chapter/section is. If you need the author's email address, ask me for it.

I would also like to draw your attention to the gaps in the spreadsheet. We still need more authors and editors. I have added a column "Pages" to the spreadsheet to give you an idea how big a section is. For those of you who want to look after a small section (one page), please add your name to it on the spreadsheet in either the Authors 13.10 or Editors 13.10 column.

Together we will make the Ubuntu Manual, Saucy, a success!


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