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Re: Packaging new software


On 07/06/2013 04:07 AM, Hannie Dumoleyn wrote on ubuntu-motu:

> Five months ago, I asked on developer.ubuntu.com to add the Dutch
> translation of The Ubuntu Manual "Getting started with Ubuntu" to the
> Software Center.  ...

> I am currently trying to learn how to package, create a PPA and upload
> to the PPA. I still have a few questions about that, which I will post
> to this list in a separate email.

I am surprised the Ubuntu Manual team does not already have a way to
generate packages of the manuals it creates.  Packages are the obvious
logically expected output of the manual production process!  Is there
some reason we can't do something like

  cd ~/Projects/ubuntu-manual-saucy
  make package

and have a script create the relevant packages for all currently
supported languages of the Ubuntu Manual, automatically?

Q1. Is this list of "currently supported languages or "currently
finished translations" for each release of the Ubuntu Manual stored as a
file within the bzr tree?

Q2. Is everything needed to build the Dutch manual in the bzr tree, and
tagged ready for release?

Q3. Other than the PDF of the Manual, what files do we want added to the
binary packages concerned?

Q4. Can we automatically extract author and editor (and translator)
names and contact information from the source files of the Ubuntu
Manual, to create the debian/copyright file correctly?

Let's get this done; waiting five months is too long!


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