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Deja Dup dependencies


Hello!  I've recently updated the deja-dup package in xenial to merely
Suggest the duplicity package (instead of Depend).

The latest release of deja-dup can install duplicity on demand when it's
first used, and the Desktop team wanted to avoid installing duplicity by
default so that the main Ubuntu image can get a little closer to dropping

(Obviously, porting duplicity to python3 would be better, but we are short

This change will affect Ubuntu MATE, since ubuntu-mate-desktop Depends on
deja-dup.  If you'd like to keep full deja-dup functionality (i.e. not
prompt the user to install an extra package before their first backup),
simply add duplicity to the MATE seed along with deja-dup.

If you don't add it to the seed, duplicity will fall off your images and
users will be prompted to install it before making their first backup or