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Membership Board Nominations



The Ubuntu Membership Board is currently calling for nominees to replace expiring board members.

While there has been some response so far - most of those have been nominees who could attend the 22:00 meeting - there appears to be a need for more help for the 12:00 time.

During the recent meeting between the Community Council and the Membership Board, we were asked to help with the call for nominees.

This is a very important board in our community structure - without the work of the Membership Boards we would be without Ubuntu Members.

So - we're reaching out to those of you in LoCo's that are perhaps more conducive to a 12:00 UTC meeting time.

If you are an Ubuntu Member, try to remember how your membership meeting went and how you felt, if you would like the opportunity to give the same to future applicants then I would ask you to consider nominating yourself.

The original call for nominations is on The Fridge [1]. More information on Ubuntu Membership is on the wiki [2].

Nominations to the Membership Board can be made to ubuntu-membership-boards at lists.ubuntu.com

Thanks for reading,

[1] http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2014/04/28/ubuntu-membership-board-call-for-nominations-2/
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership

(Post shamelessly copied from Elfy. :-)