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Re: [loco-contacts] Mention of Ubuntu at National Computer Board workshop


Hello Nayar,

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 10:29 PM, Nayar Joolfoo <nayar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Do you guys think the new Technology minister would pay heed to install
> Ubuntu with Libreoffice in primary schools? Atleast for new schools?
​The Minister would want to see stable projects with good support. In the
past, the Ministry of Education opted only for proprietary software due to
support that is easily available from local companies. How many local
companies support FOSS? Nada. There is not even one local company that
offers enterprise-class support for FOSS applications on the desktop. The
Ministry would want this.

Another way would be for the local community to show the growth & demand
for FOSS. If the software needs can be auto-supported by the local
community, then yes, maybe that would push the Minister to consider Ubuntu
& LibreOffice for primary schools.

The Ministry of Technology, Communication & Innovation​ cited its intention
to adopt FOSS based on the worldwide trend. There is no strong policy yet
neither any commitment.


​Ish Sookun

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