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Single GPU two seats



Is there somewhere where I can look for more information on how to
setup two seats using a single GPU?

As far as I could see I will need to create a starting service to
spawn a bare X server to control all outputs.

After that I should use xserver-xorg-video-nested to create two
xserves, one for each screen using somehow a custom xorg.conf.

Finally attach those two server to lightdm.

However I don't find anywhere a more detailed explanation on how to do
that. I am afraid that it may take too much trial and error if it is
really possible.

Any hints? If I manage to get it working I may try to add detailed
instructions to the wiki.



Paulo José da Silva e Silva
Professor Associado, Dep. de Matemática Aplicada
(Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics Dept.)
University of Campinas - Brazil

Web: http://www.ime.unicamp.br/~pjssilva