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Want to help



I'm using linux at home in a multiseat environment and been waiting for a long time that someone solves the problem in kde that "when a storage device is plugged in a given seat, all seats will be notified" (as reads in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiseatTeam/Status). So I decided to try to fix it by myself. I'm a normal developer only, but finally made a patch against kde 4.13.3 (in ubuntu 14.04.3) that modifies the solid library and makes it only know about those devices connected to the same seat as the user.
I would like to contribute with my patch. At least it works for me, and maybe it can help others. For sure my patch has errors, but I hope someone can help to solve them out.

##My info:
Launchpad Name: Juan Ignacio Saitua

Launchpad ID: jisaitua
Skills: I know some c, c++, java, python and bash. I newer uploaded a package to a PPA. I recompiled/modified/alienized many deb packages for myself. I don't know how to use bzr.

Juan Ignacio Saitua.