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[GUIDE] How to flash Ubuntu touch using Windows


Hi all,

I don't have access to a windows system right now but I did flash a lot of
android devices using different OS over the past couple of years so here is
a little guide for windows user to install Ubuntu Touch on their phones.

How to Flash Ubuntu Touch using Windows.

maguro  is Galaxy Nexus
mako    is Nexus 4
mrouper is Nexus 7
manta   is Nexus 10

*1. First* unlock your device by following the instructions here:
http://www.android.gs/how-to-unlock-galaxy-nexus-bootloader/ (Even though
that mentions galaxy nexus but the instructions should work for all
supported nexus devices.
*2. Now* flash the recovery file downloaded from cdimage.ubuntu.com[1]
while staying in the bootloader mode only flash the recovery file which
includes the code name of your phone:
   - fastboot flash recovery quantal-preinstalled-recovery-armel+maguro.img
(if you already have clockworkmod recovery installed you can skip this step)
*3. Now* reboot the phone and paste these files downloaded from
   - quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip
   - quantal-preinstalled-armel+<your-mobile-code-name>.zip
*4. Now* again power off the phone, start the bootloader mode and navigate
to 'Recovery' item and press the power button. You will now be in the
clockworkmod recovery. There select 'install zip from sdcard' and then go
into 'chose zip from sdcard'.
First select the quantal-preinstalled-armel+<your-mobile-code-name>.zip and
flash it and then flash the quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip
*5.* Reboot your phone.

[1] http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/quantal/mwc-demo/

Hope it helps.

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