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Moving contacts from Google to Ubuntu Touch



Today I have installed Ubuntu Touch on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus at first
And I make simple bash script to prepare moving Google contacts to my phone.

I think it may help to someone before it Ubuntu touch will be finished and
will have convenient sync functions.

How to use:
1) Export Google Contacts to vCard format
2) run ./Google2Ubuntu_ContactsConverter.sh ~/Downloads/contacts.vcf
3) scp ./data.csv  phablet@
4) connect to phone via SSH and do:
phablet@localhost:~$ sudo mv data.csv /usr/share/demo-assets/contacts-data
phablet@localhost:~$ manage-address-books.py create

Please let me know if it is not appropriate theme for this message.
With best regards,

Attachment: Google2Ubuntu_ContactsConverter.sh
Description: Bourne shell script

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