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Ubuntu Touch Summary (week 14)


Hi Everyone,
Another good week of progress! Here are the highlights since last time:

- Raring daily builds of Ubuntu Touch are happening (see Sergio's
and are available here:

- Dynamic apps lens! Yes, you can now install your very own applications
and they will show up in the Applications Lens and can be launched
directly from there. Nice work by the awesome Shell team to make that

- Core-apps in the image: Calendar, Clock and Calculator are now
included in the image! Congrats to all of the community developers and
to the design team for putting in the hard work to achieve this
important milestone. They will continue to be updated daily so be on the
lookout for ongoing features and improvements.

- Blueprint, blueprints, blueprints: the team has been working hard on
planning, designing an updating specs on components all over the stack.
Check out the latest updates here:

- camera-app: work underway to implement the video recording feature

- gallery-app: work in progress to improve performance and implement HUD

- phone-app: work underway to split app into separate backend and ui
components for telephony, contacts and messaging. See blueprints for
and contacts service

- telephony/MMS: lots of great work in progress around GPRS support, MMS
and SIM initialization. See
Also telepathy-ofono connection manager is in process of being rebased
to use telepathy-qt.

- Media Playback: good progress being made on GStreamer->Android
pipeline bridge to enable hardware accelerated playback via GStreamer.

Also make sure to check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices, as the
list of supported devices keeps growing almost in a daily basis. Newly
added since last time was support for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.



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