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[Design] Online Accounts creation flow


Hi all!
I'd like to raise a question about the proposed designs for creating online accounts on Ubuntu Touch (which I find quite elegant, BTW):


According to the description, the flow should be:
1) Choose an account provider
2) Perform the authentication/setup phase
3) The view switches back to the account list
4) (OPTIONAL) Click on the newly created account to see what it can be used for, and disable/enable the account services

I would like to propose to switch points 3 and 4 and, consequently, make point 4 mandatory. The first reason, is that the user might not know what he can do with the account (even assuming that he's familiar with the web service, he might not know which of the account services are actually supported by Ubuntu Touch, and by what applications); the second reason is to give him a chance to disable unwanted services, maybe for privacy reasons (he might not want to be immediately logged into the chat) or for reducing network traffic (if the service provides e-mail or other data synchronisation, megabytes of traffic might immediately begin just without him knowing).

For the same reasons, I would actually propose that the account becomes effective (that is, visible to other applications) only after the user has clicked an OK-like button. The alternative is to have all services disabled by default, but between the two options I'd rather go for a single confirmation step.

This is actually how things also work on the Nokia N9 (and yours truly raised the same points back then to the Nokia designers :-) ).