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[Development] Wifi controls


Hi Team,

Your work on UB2T is great and I'm glad to be able to follow the
development. This is the whole reason why I've dedicated my almost brand
new N4 to try and contribute (my findings and ideas at least, am no

Now that the phone finction is working, I'm going to use it as my daily 2nd
phone so I could test it out. Problem being not that I'm traveling around
in the city during the day and there're so many wifi spots, the wifi radio
seems to be working crazy in searching for the spots. I would be nice to
have these functions included / modified to enhance the battery life:

1. Wifi on/off switch to completely disable the radio at will (high
2. To be able to refresh manually (low priority)
3. Reduce search interval, it gets really hot when walking around the city
(mid priority)

Thank you so much!

Ricky Chan

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