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Ubuntu Touch Summary (week 20 and 21)


Here's the summary for the week:
- Milestone bugs collected.
- Initial 3g data working (MR, deployment and easy setup tools pending)
- Shell has no mock apps in launcher, replaced the skii safari and music
mocks with weather and calendar.
- demo-assets package split up, only demo-assets-shell, demo-assets-videos
and demo-assets-music installed by default. Whilst demo-assets-contacts and
demo-assets-pictures are not installed by default, which means a cleaner
dogfooding system
- indicators-client-examples removed from build, this means no more fake
- phablet-flash -b wipes all user data now. This is the only way to get a
clean build without manual intervention now that data saving is on for the
- platform api complete and in final stages of MR review, this version will
bring in the application lifecycle bits.
- maguro kernel now taken from saucy.
- container flip work progressing nicely and moved to using LXC.
- powerd improvements to suspend while idle.

Bug tracking data can be seen here: