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Re: [Design] Page stack back gesture


Hello all,
First contribution as well for me today ;)
I agree with Lou's ideas : a nice gesture for going back would have a real added value. Of course in addition to the "traditionnal" back button, which then will be most of the time hidden in the menus for the old folks...
I'd go for the multitouch gesture : Pinching to come back to an upper level seems to me quite natural. It's not new, as we have the same features in the Android and Win8 homescreens that can be pinched to give an overview on them. 
For the particular case of the pictures app', we'll have problems to combine it with zooming/unzooming the picture we are looking at.
That's why i'd say a 3 (or more)-fingers pinch would be necessary. This would look like grabbing the screen with the whole hand, as we'd take away the upper paper of a stack. 
Congrats for the work done so far, and good luck with the upcomming tasks !

> Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 10:11:51 +0100
> From: lougreenwood@xxxxxx
> To: ubuntu-phone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [Ubuntu-phone] [Design] Page stack back gesture
> Hi all,
> This is my first contribution to the list. I've only recently discovered 
> the Ubuntu Phone effort, but it looks like it will be very interesting, 
> powerful & beautiful, kudos to the artists!
> I've just been looking through the design guidelines for Ubuntu Phone 
> and something stuck out to me. I hope this is the right place to raise 
> the concern and I'm not stepping on anyone's toes.
> Specifically, on the 'Page Stack' guidelines page 
> (http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/building-blocks/page-stack), I noticed 
> that the back button will always be hidden in the toolbar. Putting 
> usability concerns aside that such an important exit method is hidden by 
> default (see iOS and it's omnipresent back buttons), I wonder whether 
> using a gesture for navigating back has been considered, perhaps a 
> pinch, or my favourite, tracing out the shape of the back icon (e.g a 
> swipe upwards and to the left or more naturally, a circular motion from 
> 6 o'clock anticlockwise to 9)? The vision for the OS seems to be very 
> gesture focused, it seems it may have been over looked in this case.
> I imagine that the page stack will be a very common view, having to 
> swipe up and then stretch and tap, just to go back, could become 
> fatiguing. Perhaps once I get my hands on a working set-up my concerns 
> will be unfounded.
> Thanks
> Kind regards
> Lou
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