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Saucy is out, but take a minute to read


The gotchas:
- grouper aka Nexus 7 won't work, well won't work as you expected, the
graphics stack is broken! Fix on the way.
- you need phablet-tools 0.14daily13.06.12.1-0ubuntu1
- it is not as good as raring yet, new features and new bugs.
- contacts will need to be reimported.


phablet-tools 0.14daily13.06.12.1-0ubuntu1 is in the archives for saucy and
in ppa:phablet-team/tools for raring and quantal.

To stay on raring or the latest tagged revision (raring/monthly-05):
phablet-flash --latest-revision

To get the latest (saucy):


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