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Automated Testing for Core Apps


As you may know, the core apps project consists of teams of community developers helping write tests towards the new platform. Michael Hall announce this work some time ago, http://mhall119.com/2013/04/core-apps-road-to-october/. Since then teams have been busy writing code and getting initial versions of the applications written.

Now, as part of the quality community team I'd like to invite you to come alongside these teams and help out by writing autopilot tests. Don't worry if you don't know autopilot, or even if your lacking phone hardware. You can write and test your applications directly on your ubuntu machine (even in a VM :-) ).

We're hosting a series of workshops to help you get started. They will be in #ubuntu-quality.

Tomorrow!, Wednesday July 3rd at 1800 UTC
Friday July 5th at 1300 UTC
Tuesday July 9th at 1800 UTC
Thursday July 11th at 2200 UTC

For more information check out:

Feel free to contact me directly as well. Keep up the exciting work (ubuntu touch on emulator is very cool!).