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Preliminary SIM PIN Support


We landed system-level support for SIM PIN/PUK in today's image.

The UI is still a forthcoming feature, however in the short-term, it's
now possible to use a command-line script to enter your PIN, change your
PIN, or reset your PIN if locked out ( i.e. if you enter a PIN
incorrectly 3x, you will be locked out, and will require a PUK code from
your Operator ).

In order to use these functions, you need to first ensure you're running
the latest image.  If you want to check, the version of ofono required
is 1.12phablet8.

You also need to install the package 'ofono-scripts'.  At the moment,
these scripts aren't in the default search path, so they can be found in
the directory '/usr/share/ofono/scripts'.

Now you should be able to:

= Enter SIM PIN =

This needs to be done any-time after boot for the SIM to be unlocked &
the phone-app use-able.  Ex.

# enter-sim pin <pin>

= Change SIM PIN =

# change-pin /ril_0 pin <old-pin> <new-pin>

= Reset PIN if Locked =

# reset_pin /ril_0 puk <puk> <new-pin>

Note, after a reset, you should be able to use the telephony functions
without a reboot.