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Landing plan update and Task Force calls of 2013/10/05


        Hi there,

Monday was packed with landings again!

Per plan, image #83 was indeed promoted, and updated UI toolkit was
uploaded now that all apps' testsuites were fixed.  This caused two sets
of regressions.
- one regression in webapps in image #84 due to bad interactions between
  the new thumbnailer plugin and AppArmor; this will be fixed in image
  #86 with an updated AppArmor profile, and we'll use this occasion to
  land a dbus AppArmor security fix.
- one regression on the desktop: the SDK on the desktop combines
  qtmultimedia for GStreamer 0.10 with thumbnailer plugin for GStreamer
  1.0; the plan to address this is to split the thumbnailer plugin out.

Outside of these, Unity 8 got updated with some fixes; powerd also
received some fixes along network-manager and click-apparmor.  The Click
scope, Click updater and U1 authentication related packages also got
updated to get some fixes.

At the end of the day, some time remained to try converting some apps
from .deb to .click and that's what #85 carries.  #85 also drops friends
0.1 API (unsupported) and adds a Click framework for the 13.10 SDK.

Upcoming in #86 and later images tomorrow:
* support for apps to load a new URI while running (typically music-app,
  mediaplayer-app, gallery-app, webbrowser-app)
* fixed dbus/apparmor and working webapps
* ofono and telepathy-ofono bug fixes
* misc fixes in camera-app, history-service

On the Mir front, progress was good over Monday and the input issue has
a candidate fix, but it seems to affect ubuntu-keyboard.  Once this is
understood, this should go in and help address the input related issues
we were facing so far.  The upstart memory leak with device specific
events is also making good progress.  The runway is clear for Mir to
land along unity-mir and upstart-app-launch updates to get us the final
app management experience!

Loïc Minier