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Landing plan update and Task Force calls of 2013/10/09



So image #88 and #89 came out and Mir is the default!  We've also got
Mir support for Nexus 7 (grouper) and some address book fixes in #89.

We've spent Wednesday fixing Mir related issues or regressions and
tonight we're landing a crazy number of bug fixes in mir itself and in
unity-mir.  Hud is also getting some good fixes.

The good news is that while #89 was relatively hard to startup
correctly, the hud fixes have resolved not only a hud crash but also an
unity8 crash on startup.  Writing an unity8 crash was slowing down the
device a lot (this is why the second boot worked: because there was
already a crash file so a new one didn't get written), and now it will
boot much more solidly.

Also landing in image #90:
* powerd fix to fix Mir speed when coming back from deep sleep
* apparmor related fixes and tweaks
* updated keyboard, trying to address the crashers; unfortunately the
  updated one still crashes
* a tentative fix for the content-picker crasher in gallery-app,
  unfortunately it still crashes too  :-)

Immediately after #90, we should look at landing Unity 8 which has many
improvements and autopilot improvements and otherwise focus on landing
safe changes that are fixing high priority bugs to get us to a nice and
releasable image by end of day.  We can then use the remaining days
until release to land medium priority fixes!


PS: dates of my previous emails were wrong since I lazily just
incremented the day without looking at the calendar  :-P
Loïc Minier