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Introducing the new upstream release process: CI Train



Hey everyone.

As most of you may know from the announce and slides that Alexander posted on the ubuntu phone mailing list[1] last week, we are changing the release process for our upstream landing. This is a step towards the CI Airline vision which was discussed at vUDS.

We called it "CI Train" because it's going to bring us some advantages of the final vision (self-service checkin, semi-isolated environments, availability for upstreams to do their landing themselves), but it won't fully fly yet. ;) This new program still ensure that the ubuntu distribution rules are respected and while the system gives more autonomy in their landing, there is still the same checks and security than with daily release, meaning that this doesn't give indirect upload rights if you don't have them. However, we'll have some gains like Core Developers will be able to do the publication to ubuntu themselves now.

Since beginning of this year we worked tirelessly to get the code and infra in shape and did a successful pre-pilot of the process and "raw" tools with Sébastien last week. With his feedback we have been able to eliminate initial rough edges and improve the tooling to be even more convenient. With that, we feel comfortable to go ahead and will start rolling out the new landing process to all teams iteratively in waves - with first wave starting as early as next week on Tuesday. We're happy to collect any feedback on how to smoothen even more that process.

As per Alexander's proposal, dedicated landers in each team have been identified and will be trained to use the new system so that they become able to drive and do the landings of their components in a more self-service manner. Some components, when across different landings, will be co-shared of course. Those refinements and the list of people being able to land will evolve as we go.

You can find the current timeline and waves with dates on when we plan to move teams to the new process over in a spreadsheet [2]. Remember that dates might change and your ramp up might get delayed as we find issues as we go. However, once it is your teams turn we will go ahead and:

- disabling the upstream merger (as trunk means "shipped in distro")

- disabling daily release

Meaning: from then on, you will use the new landing process that folds the landing into your MP process.

We're certain a lot of you are looking forward to move to this new process, we're contacting directly with more instructions the landers as we move forward this program. Feel free to ask if you have any question.

Let's give more control over our CI process in upstream's hand while keeping the whole integration quality bar high!



[1] https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg05776.html

[2] https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au6idq7TkpUUdC05a2ZQSmgwU2NFYnJQOE9qMDRYa3c#gid=0