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Landing team 27.01.14


Hey guys,

We had multiple images over the week-end, those contains minor changes. Partial results on the maguro images which is preventing us to take a release decision on image #149.

Some random crashes on Unity8 which are not reproducible after rerunning a lot of them. So, this topic is on the radar (we'll have a look as well at tomorrow's image results).

We are still suffering from the same issues than last Friday on the qmlscene crash. Ricardo is looking at it at the moment. In addition, a new introduced flaky test from music app appeared. This test is skipped as we speak with upstream agreement as it needs a lot of work and testing to go green on maguro.

Meanwhile, we tried to be really conservative and touch unrelated work for tomorrow's image:
- address-book-app AP tests fixes
- new indicator-power for android 4.4 support
- the components revert + fixes that are discussed above.

Won't sum up the going green as no visible progress today, let's continue to converge on a promotable image.