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Landing team 22.04.14



The landing team is back in full shape! We did build an image to ensure the whole system is still up (even if U doesn't have any name yet) on Trusty, and so, came #303! For landings, we do advise upstream to focus on the important bugs + SRUs before diverging their trunk with a supported branch.

we got new release of 3 click applications: shorts, terminal and weather

-> unfortunately, we didn't get any automated test results yet as the CI Lab jenkins services are down (see other email on the ML).

Let's sum up what remained to be dealt with:
* Important bugs to look at:
** Music/Calendar bug (Qt event loop stopping when the device is suspend) (Kevin)
-> It wasn't released with latest Mir. Another Mir landing with the fix is under testing and progress (in a silo).

** New scopes performance needs to be improved (Kevin for unity8 and Thomas for unity-scopes-shell)
This explains most of the chopiness and some temporary lagginess we have seen in the Unity 8 UI past weeks with the new scopes (frames skipped while scrolling scopes and when switching between scopes).
-> We got some fixes in #301 which got the situation better.
Thomas' team is going to look at the scope-shell side of it.

* Issues not impacting on the user experience:
** qtubuntu crash causing the dialer app to crash (only during tests) (Bill)
-> Boiko has a branch for it which needs to be released once ready.

** Clock flaky test (Julien, Bill)
-> seems upstream won't be able to fix it soon.

** New dialer-app flaky test (Julien, Bill)
-> another flaky test appeared as well last week (added to the same bug, Lukasz analyzed and think it's the same). Upstream thinks it's due to the dialer-app crashes and are working on it.

** Autopilot test flakyness in test_add_photo (Julien, Bill)
-> opened 2 weeks ago and stroke back on #297.


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