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Landing team 07.05.14



Recipe of the day: 2 images promoted on the devel channel! The well-known network issue is now gone, one new regression spotted (was already there since image #4) and getting fixed in the incoming image. Multiple AP tests flakyness fixed and even more landings in the pipe. All seems good at getting greener and greener. ;)

What are you going to benefit from those updates?
- the network regular disconnection issue is now workarounded. It has been incubating for 24h and multiple people confirmed it's now fixed! Well done. ;) - multiple updates for switching some autopilot tests to python 3 and cross compilation support.
- support of latest -dev framework in the 14.04 one.

- webapps are now able to force their own user-agent string.
- some translation updates on the scope backends.
- updates on calculator, notes and shorts app. Some python3 AP test port. Also, the shorts app update had a fix for the rss reader AP failing tests!
- the stock ticker click app is no longer part of the default installation.

Tests results have shown less flaky tests than we used to thanks to the recent fixes on short-apps in particular. Also, the unity8 crash on stop disappeared in the last couple of images on all hardwares, even without the unity-mir fix landed! (without any clear explanation, upstream is going to look at it) Dogfooding on both #14 and #15 +1 the testing on the fact that no new regressions since image #13 were spotted. So, we did promote not only one image, but both!

Alan found a new bug where click apps can't be updated through the UI (which appeared, after a bisect research, on image #5 with the ubuntu-download-manager update):
It seems that u-d-m broke ABI without having ubuntu-system-settings rebuilt against it. Sébastien is using that opportunity to land some fixes in u-s-s and this will be fixed in image #16! Note that the u-d-m team added now to their test plan to ensure the u-s-s click update UI works.

* Meanwhile, on the known issues:
** New scopes performance needs to be improved (Kevin for unity8 and Thomas for unity-scopes-shell)
-> A fix is under review: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/dynamic_specialized_cards/+merge/218089

** Dialer app not letting ending a call when returning a missed one (Bill)

* Issues not impacting on the user experience:
** qtubuntu crash causing the dialer app to crash (only during tests) (Bill) The idea is to first land: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-mir/fix-upstart-closed-apps2 Then, landing; https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/dialer-app/autopilot_upstart <https://code.launchpad.net/%7Eboiko/dialer-app/autopilot_upstart>

** Clock flaky test (Julien, Bill)
Best strategy seems to autopilot to capture a screenshot on the phone when there is an error (tracked in https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/1308762)

** Dialer-app flaky test (Julien, Bill):

** File manager flaky test (Julien)

As you can see, the whole list got way shorter! ;)

This was my last official landing team email update. From now on, Lukasz is going to be your regular landing team email host. Thanks to him for stepping up on that task! Keep everything green man! ;)