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Re: Preferred Settings API for Ubuntu apps


On Jul 29, 2014 6:26 PM, "Christian Dywan" <christian.dywan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hey everyone,


> - Please point out any benefits and drawbacks you see with either API
> and reply to this thread

Hey Christian,
Thanks for your mail with all explanations.
I'm on holiday and I had not time yet to see all differences, but I don't
see advantages in Ubuntu.Components implementation, but disadvantages.

Could you please point me out on which are advantages to fork a component
that has all features we need?

I mean, unless upstream drops support to this new feature, IMO we don't
need a fork that creates incompatibility between our app implementation and
standard implementation.


P.s: reading again the mail I think could seems ironically or rude, but
it's only due my bad English. My mail is really a question: which could be
advantages to have our own implementation?

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