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Re: Ubuntu touch + android


Am Donnerstag, den 14.08.2014, 18:10 +0100 schrieb Hunt, Greg:
> Hi,
> I'm interested learning what the current state and plans for Android
> on Ubuntu Touch are, and trying to find out what's possible with
> containers.
> As far as I can tell it's currently not possible to run Android apk
> files, and the we are just using Android to access binary drivers for
> the device.
> The thing that is confusing me is originally we were using
> surface-flinger, before moving to mir. Did we actually make use of any
> graphical android apps (native or otherwise)?

all we use from android is a 100-150MB big minimal build that is just
enough to manage the hardware ... (i.e. the modem drivers and daemons to
manage them, sensor drivers and the service to manage them, the same for
graphics drivers ... etc etc) so essentially only the most minimal
driver bits ... the rest of the android build is ripped out, so there is
no dalvik, or any of the higher layer bits, our android is solely a
black box in an lxc container that we talk to to initialize the hardware
drivers, nothing more.

if you wanted to support an android .apk you would actually have to ship
a dalvik (or equivalent) VM inside your click package, you would also
have to make sure this VM can render on Mir (no idea if that works or
not, might work out of the box or might not work at all, i doubt anyone
ever tried that).


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