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Clock App Reboot Release


Hi everyone,

Today we replaced the clock app with a rewrite that has been in the works
for about 2-3 months called *Clock Reboot*. Clock Reboot was in the stores
for some time now as a tech preview. The feedback from the early testers
were overall positive and found it to be a good improvement over the old
clock app *Clock Legacy*. The rewrite helped me avoid some mistakes that I
made with Clock Legacy and fix some long standing bugs. I have also been
dog fooding Clock Reboot myself for over a month and waking up to it :-),
so it should work as expected.

Some of the most significant improvements you will notice with Clock Reboot

- Revamped design bringing it in line with other system apps like dialer,
address-book etc.
- Stable, reliable World Clocks feature
- Granular alarm controls (vibration, alarm volume, duration)
- Improved alarm experience

Please do note that Clock Reboot does not include a Timer and Stopwatch.
These features along with a couple more will be implemented POST-RTM.

So what happens to Clock Legacy? Well initially I decided to push it to the
Ubuntu Touch Store. On second thought, I decided against it since Clock
Legacy has its fair share of bugs and needs a maintainer which is hard to
come by. Due to time constraints, I wouldn't be able to manage both Clock
Reboot and Clock Legacy and so will be maintaining only Clock Reboot here
on. There by Clock Legacy is dead. All bugs reported against Clock Legacy
will be marked as Won't Fix or Invalid.

As always I would love to hear your feedback and criticisms. I am nik90 on
IRC and hangout at #ubuntu-touch, #ubuntu-app-devel.

A huge thanks to all those (Charles Kerr, Victor Thompson, Renato Filho,
Giorgio Venturi, Sergio Schvezov, Carla Sella, Daniel Dholbach, Nicholas
Skaggs, Alan Pope and many others) who helped with the implementation of
Clock Reboot.


Clock App Dev

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